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Why Outdoorer Excursions?

We are not just a tour company; we are a community of outdoor enthusiasts. Our events bring together people from different walks of life, uniting them under one common need: to connect with self, others, and nature.

Affordable Packages

Looking to go out hiking with your friends, classmates or workmates? Our affordable packages will come handy for you. We take care of all the hectic planning and give your group unmatched customer service and support.

Scheduled Events

Are you a solo hiker looking to join a community? Our scheduled events give you the perfect opportunity to meet other hiking enthusiasts, network, and build life-long friendships. We have scheduled hiking activities all year round.

Assorted Destinations

Think of a hiking destination–we’ve been there! We are constantly discovering and adding new trails and destinations to our packages and calendar. So, whether you are a beginner or advanced outdoorer, there’s always something for you.

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