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Go on a day hike or camp in the wild. Bring your friends with you or join our growing community. We make it possible for you.

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Why you will love outdoorer

Hiking Academy

Whether you are only getting started or you are already fast on your way to unleashing the beast hiker in you, we have a program in our hiking academy just for you. And if you are serious about living outside, we can move you from zero to hero in just 10 months!

Scheduled Events

If you are a solo hiker looking to join a community, our scheduled events give you the perfect opportunity to meet other hiking enthusiasts, network, and build life-long friendships. We have scheduled hiking activities all year round.

One-Stop Shop

Founded by outdoor diehards, Outdoorer is your one-stop shop for all matters hiking and mountaineering. How about checking out our carefully selected array of hiking gear?

Hiker holding a pole out on a mountain - Beginner to Mt Kenya program Outdoorer Ke

Hiking academy

From beginner to pro hiker, the programs in our hiking academy teach you how to walk the great outdoors safely and securely so that you can truly unlock your mountain.

At the heart of our operations

Paramedics On Board

Hiking is a high-risk activity like most other sports. All our excursions have at least one skilled paramedic on board to take care of you in case of injury.

10:1 Guide Ratio

Getting lost is not funny; therefore, we do not negotiate on your safety on the trails. We engage sufficient local guides and support staff to ensure a 10:1 participant to guide ratio.

Skilled Team

Team Outdoorer boasts thousands of hours spent in the great outdoors learning, practicing, and iterating the best formulas for safety and growth. Hiking is our business and we mean business.

Outdoorer Hiking Blueprint graphics

The Outdoorer Hiking blueprint

The proven formula to move from Beginner to Beast Hiker. The Outdoorer Hiking Blueprint combines the three Outdoorer Hiking programs — Rookie Program, High90 Program, and The Altomatum — into a structured journey with a tangible growth trajectory and convenient payment plan.

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Sign up to seamlessly manage your bookings and subscriptions–even load funds to your account for future use! What’s more? We get to spoil you with members-only discounts from time to time.


We have something going on every Saturday. Our events bring together people from different walks of life, uniting them under one common need: to connect with self, others, and nature.

hikers for hikers

Our team is made up of competent hikers, each bagging years of experience on diverse trails. Their proficiency and unmatched attention to every hiker’s needs are the pillars upon which the Outdoorer Community is built.

outdoorer stories

I did not grow up an outdoorsy child

I barely played any sports in school, and I was the quintessential nerdy introvert, who preferred staying indoors instead of playing ‘Bano’, ‘Brikicho’, Stuck in the mud’ or heaven forbid, ‘Cha Mama na Cha Baba.’ 🙈 Fast forward to adulthood, and I started making small intentional steps toward self-awareness, healing, and self-re-discovery. It is in… Read more “I did not grow up an outdoorsy child”

Nicole Kimani

I started my journey with nothing short of the hope that I will follow through and be strong

I hesitated to share my story because every time I thought of writing it, I got emotional. I am in awe of where I started and, more so, where I am going. I started my journey on a board: no money, no energy — just a heart on fire and a desire to prove to… Read more “I started my journey with nothing short of the hope that I will follow through and be strong”

Stacey Ritho

I got to summit Mt.Kenya, and the experience was surreal!

Before this year, I had never hiked a day in my life; it is something I always wanted to do but never got started. Last year I lost a dear friend who had become family; it hit me hard, as I had never experienced death so close. It made me realize how fragile life is:… Read more “I got to summit Mt.Kenya, and the experience was surreal!”

Ruth Wangari

Point Lenana was the starting point; this is now a lifestyle.

I am from a seven-year lull of life — feeling lost and numb and not even knowing myself. I couldn’t even answer the question, “Who are you?” I decided to do something about it in December last year. I knew I loved walking long distances, hiking, and adventure, but where to start? On December 12,… Read more “Point Lenana was the starting point; this is now a lifestyle.”

Wamaitha Mwangi


I am a hiker, not a marathoner.

The mountain is not going anywhere, I am.

I will keep a moderate pace to save my life and health today.

So, if I don't summit today I can do it all over again next time.

I will never conquer the mountain but I can conquer myself.

I will unlock my mountain.

no matter your fitness level, we're here to help you get up and out

Hiking is a great way to be outdoors, stay active, relieve stress, enjoy nature, bond with your family and friends, or just have some fun.

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