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High90 Altitude Rush - two hikers on top of a mountain with hands raised

High90 Altitude Rush – Training for Kilimanjaro

Live Above The Clouds

Wrap up the Nyandarua Ranges in 90 days

You are a confident intermediate hiker. You’ve just completed the Rookie Program or Beginner to Mt. Kenya program; now what? It’s time to play in the big boys club: live above the clouds! The Outdoorer High90 Altitude Rush Program is a progressive 12-week advanced hiker course specially designed with three key goals in mind: orient you to hiking the high altitudes, build endurance to conditions in the high altitudes, and ready you up for any major independent mountaineering after that–such as Mt. Kilimanjaro or Mt. Kenya climbs.


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High90 Altitude Rush Summary

Q3 2022 Hikes Schedule

September 24 – Wandare Dash
October 8 – Table Mountain Max Edition – New Trail
October 22 – Mt. Kipipiri 
November 5 – Seven Ponds
November 19 –  Rurimeria
December 3 – Mt. Kinangop Tribute


CitizenTicket – Ksh 21,500/=

Resident Ticket – Ksh 22,000/=

Non-Resident Ticket – Ksh 67,200/=

Citizen/Resident Payment Plan

Pay 9,000/= non-refundable deposit before the program start date (September 17, 2022).

Pay 6,800/= by October 16

Clear the balance by November 15

Mpesa Buy Goods till 989985


The High90 Altitude Rush program is a series of high-altitude hikes (3,300+m above sea level), one every two weeks. By strategically walking the 6 core events of the program, you will unlock our self-coined beast hiker level by the end of the course, ready to continue on the journey to becoming a knighted beast in The Altomatum program.


Who Can Join The High90 Altitude Rush Program?


Why The High90 Altitude Rush Program?

  • High-altitude endurance training helps you master your body’s performance at high altitudes.
  • Mastering your body’s performance at high altitudes is vital as far as taking up a climb to Mt. Kilimanjaro goes.


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High90 Altitude Rush 2022 Q3 Calendar and Schedule

September 20 (8-9 p.m):- Virtual Session

We kick off the program with a one-hour virtual session four days before the first event. The goal of the session is to get acquainted with the team and get a run-through of the program and what to expect. This will include Q&A.


September 24 – Wandare Dash

Relive ‘Wandare Dash’



We kick off the High90 Altitude Rush Program on a high, as we immerse ourselves into the Nyandarua magic, on a less-frequented gentle trail to the highest point of the third-highest mountain in Kenya, Oldoinyo Lesatima. Our access gate of choice is the Wandare Gate, off the Nyeri-Nyahururu highway near Mweiga.

We begin our expedition by driving 15km into the park, through the dense bamboo forest, to get to the trailhead. We then hit the 10.5km trail through the beautiful-beautiful golden moorland to get to the Oldoinyo Lesatima peak at 4,001m above sea level.

Distance: 21km

Maximum Elevation: 4,001m

Maximum Elevation Gain: 852m

Duration: 6-8 hours


October 8 - Table Mountain Max Edition - New Trail

Relive 'Table Mountain Max Edition'


If you ever visited the old Table Mountain trail before it was closed, you are familiar with the maddening steepness it flexed. And if that shocked you, the new trail may only be stuff of the nightmares. But then, that's what you are in the High90 Program for!

The 5.6km trail starts at Mikeu, taking you through an initial steep ascent. The trail then takes a plunge down to the river and then eases into a brief, gentle trek along the river line to a second river crossing. Next comes a shockingly steep, near-vertical ascent for a kilometer and a half to connect with the old trail. Past here is another brief gentle trek, another brief steep ascent, and then onto the final gentle trek through the moorland. The trail ends at the Table Mountain peak, at an elevation of 3,792m above sea level.

Total distance: 9km

Hiking time: 6-8 hours

Difficulty: Hard


October 22 - Mt. Kipipiri

Relive 'Kipipiri Traverse'



Next, we tone down the altitude for a moment to experience a different kind of challenge. The Mt. Kipipiri hike is one that will challenge you both physically and mentally. Flanked off the main range, the mountain is often overlooked by hikers. The one-way trail starts at the Geta Forest Station on a well-paved footpath, before ushering you into thick forest vegetation, across rivers, and up and down small valleys to get to the rocky unmarked summit that rises to 3,349m ASL 13.5km later. The trail then takes a sharp, short 4.5km descent to bring you to the end of the hike at Miharati on the Njabini-Ol Kalou road.

Distance: 18km

Maximum Elevation: 3,349m

Maximum Elevation Gain: 849m

Duration: 8-9 hours


November 5 - Seven Ponds

Relive 'Seven Ponds Aberdares - Apr 21, 2021'



If steep trails excite you, the Seven Ponds hike will exhilarate you. Located conveniently between the notoriously steep Table Mountain and Rurimeria trails, the Seven Ponds trail combines the dramatic steepness of her two siblings. It delivers a breathtaking trek across the golden moorland leading to the seven ponds. The 5.5km trail starts near the Kwa Matu Shopping center and ends at an elevation of 3,831m at the seven natural ponds in the northern Nyandarua moorland.

Distance: 11km

Maximum Elevation: 3,831m

Maximum Elevation Gain: 1,048m

Duration: 6-8 hours


November 19 - Rurimeria

Rurimeria is a beautiful beast. Can you tame it? Despite being the third highest peak on the Aberdares, its trail is the most exhausting in the Aberdare ranges--and that’s what makes conquering it so rewarding! Traditionally, the Aberdare Ranges are known to have beautiful sceneries. The Rurimeria moorland challenge combines this with a dramatic hiking experience, taking you past three false summits before getting to the actual summit — at 3,860m (12,664ft) ASL.

Distance: 15km

Maximum Elevation: 3,860m

Maximum Elevation Gain: 1,190m

Duration: 6-8 hours


December 3 - Mt. Kinangop Tribute

We finish the High90 Altitude Rush Program with a bang! Rising to 3,906m ASL, Mt. Kinangop is tough and awe-inspiring at the same time. It is the second-highest peak of the Nyandarua Range and delivers a challenging but immensely rewarding hike. This duality has earned it the moniker “Mother Kinangop”.

Hiking through the Mutarakwa Route immerses you into a scent-filled forest of cypress and cedar trees. The trail becomes increasingly steep and wet as you approach the moorland toward the rocky summit. The entire hike to the peak and back takes 7-10 hours, covering approximately 28km.
Prepare to shed tears -- of agony, joy, and eventual relief -- as you conquer yourself on Mt. Kinangop Peak. Congratulations, you are now a certified advanced hiker. To and beyond, you are ready for any challenge that awaits! March on with pride.

Distance: 28km

Maximum Elevation: 3,906m

Maximum Elevation Gain: 1,263m

Duration: 9-10 hours


High90 Altitude Rush Program Charges

Citizens: Ksh 21,500/=

Residents: Ksh 22,000/=

Non-Residents: Ksh 67,200/=


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Package Includes

- Transport from Nairobi and back

- Park fees & charges

- Armed ranger fees where applicable

- Guide services

- Paramedic services

- A liter of water, glucose, and 4 fruits for each day hike


Package DOES NOT include

- Hiking gear, clothes, and other personal effects

Anything else not mentioned in the 'Package Includes' list


High90 Altitude Rush Program Payment Plan

1st Installment - Pay a non-refundable booking confirmation deposit of Ksh 9,000/= (0r 42% of the program cost for non-residents) before the program start date (September 17, 2022)

2nd Installment - Top up 32% of the total cost by day 30 of the program

3rd Installment - Clear the package balance by day 60 of the program

Mpesa Buy Goods till 989985


Cancellation and Refunds Policy

– The booking confirmation deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to a future event or program.

– The booking and booking confirmation deposit are transferrable to a different person on or before the program start date.

–  Where cancellation is requested on or before the program start date, Ksh 9,000 or 42% of the program cost, whichever is higher, will be retained from the sum paid up. Any excess paid will be refunded in full.

–  Where cancellation is requested after the program start date, and on or before day 50 of the program, Ksh 15,500 or 72% of the program cost, whichever is higher, will be retained from the sum paid up. Any excess paid will be refunded in full.

–  Where cancellation is requested after day 50 of the program, and before day 60 of the program, Ksh 17,500, or 82% of the program cost, whichever is higher, will be retained from the sum paid up. Any excess paid will be refunded in full.

–  Where cancellation is requested on or after day 60 of the program, no refund will be issued.

– The High90 Altitude Rush Program ticket is bundled and may not be split into specific event tickets. Therefore, no-shows may not claim any amount for any event they miss.

– The High90 Altitude Rush Program subscription will be put on hold as soon as a milestone payment falls overdue.

– The High90 Altitude Rush ticket expires immediately a milestone payment becomes seven (7) days overdue. The ticket is deemed canceled on the date of expiry and the cancellation policy applies.

– An expired ticket may be revived by topping up the deposits paid to the sum total of the per-event rate for all events in the bundled ticket.

Participation in the prep hikes is mandatory, otherwise, no adjustments will be made to the final cost.

No-shows forfeit the entire deposits paid up.

The event is finished.


17 Sep 2022 - 03 Dec 2022


12:00 pm - 10:00 pm


KES 21,500.00


Aberdare Range, Nyandarua County


Outdoorer Excursions
+254 727 001 289
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