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hikers crossing a snowy trail - The Altomatum challenge - Outdoorer KE

The Altomatum — Unleash the Beast Hiker In You

The Ultimate Hiking Challenge

Traverse the Aberdares and go round the 3 Mt. Kenya Peaks in 3 takes

If day hikes no longer excite you or you’ve already been to most hiking destinations, it’s time to let the beast hiker in you rise to the occasion. And The Altomatum is just the challenge for you! Your strength, endurance, and determination will be tested. You will question your sanity, as your faith in your hiking ability is given a good shakedown. If you are an advanced hiker, we are confident that you will sail through.


Event #1 – Southern Nyandarua Traverse

September 9 (Departure at 8 p.m) – Nairobi – Naivasha Montana Resort

September 10 – 30km Challenge: Mutarakwa Forest – Kinangop Peak – Elephant Hill – Njabini

Event #2 – Northern Nyandarua Traverse

October 7 (Departure at 8 p.m) – Nairobi-Naivasha Montana Resort

October 8 – 19km Steep Challenge: Getabush – Rurimeria – Seven Ponds – Table Mountain Exit

Event #3 – Mt. Kenya Peak Circuit

Oct 20-23: The Altomatum Climax – Summit Point Lenana and go round the three Mt. Kenya Peaks


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The Altomatum Events

September 9-10 – Southern Nyandarua Traverse

Prepare for a lung-busting weekend as we take you through the first intense hiking challenge of The Altomatum. The Southern Nyandarua Traverse is a challenging 12-14 hour hike that takes you through the heart of the Aberdare forests, not just to the famous Kinangop Peak (3,906m ASL) but also Elephant Hill Peak (3,658m ASL), with an exit via the Njabini gate.

We are known for helping hikers go farther, climb higher, and conquer themselves, and that’s exactly what we intend to do with the Kinangop-Elephant Hill Traverse. We travel Friday night and sleep over in Naivasha before heading out before dawn to hit the trails by 6:30 a.m.

Distance & Stats

Distance: 29km

Maximum Elevation Gain: 1,418m

Duration: 12-14 hours

Difficulty: Hardcore

Beginner-friendly: No

Child-friendly: No


Relive ‘Guts Hike: Kinangop + Elephant Hill’


October 7-8 - Northern Nyandarua Traverse

We continue invoking the beast hiker in you by traversing the three shockingly steep trails of the Nyandarua Ranges. The Northern Nyandarua Traverse is so much more than a three-summit hiking trip; it is a rite of passage, a pilgrimage, a passage from one life stage to the next.

We start our expedition at Getabush, up the brutal, steep-steep trail of Rurimeria, onto the Rurimeria summit (3,860m ASL) down through the shimmering golden moorland of the Northern Aberdares, toward the beautiful-beautiful Seven Ponds (3,827m ASL). We then head to the magnificent Table Mountain (3,792m ASL) before coming down the steep Table mountain trail to exit at Kwa Matu Shopping Center.

Distance & Stats

Distance: 19km

Maximum Elevation Gain: 1,179m

Duration: 10-12 hours

Difficulty: Hardcore

Beginner-friendly: No

Child-friendly: No


Relive 'Rurimeria - Seven Ponds - Table Mountain Traverse'



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The Altomatum Climax - Mt. Kenya Peak Circuit

October 20-23 - 4 Days 3 Nights

Sirimon Gate - Old Moses - Shiptons - Point Lenana - Austrian Hut - Mackinders Camp - Shiptons - Old Moses - Exit

We saved the best for last! Our final run will be to Mt. Kenya via the Sirimon Route. If you are one of our Beginner to Mt. Kenya Program graduates, you will be delighted to know that completing this challenge will see you cover the three popular Mt. Kenya routes.


Relive 'Mt. Kenya Peak Circuit - Round the Three Peaks'



Day 1: Nairobi - Old Moses

We hit the road mid-morning and drive north on the A2 Highway, past Nanyuki to get to the Sirimon Gate (2,650m ASL). We then proceed straight into the park through the enchanting Mt. Kenya forest to get to the Old Moses camp (3,300m ASL). We shall spend the night in the not-so-called bandas (mountain huts) to acclimatize to the high altitude, before hitting the trail early the next morning.

Hiking Distance: Nil

Maximum Elevation: 3,300m

Maximum Elevation Gain: 650m


Day 2: Old Moses to Shiptons Camp

We rise up early, have breakfast, and hit the trail toward Shiptons Camp (4,200m ASL). Prepare to be blown away by the beautiful valleys such as the Likii and Mackinder Valleys, gushing rivers, and the non-stop glorious view of the peaks throughout the trek. The circuit is only beginning.

When we get to Shiptons, we'll immediately freshen up, have our dinner, and proceed to bed [in the bandas]. No time to waste at camp; we have an early rise to look forward to.

Hiking Distance: 14km

Maximum Elevation: 4,200m

Maximum Elevation Gain: 900m


Day 3: Shiptons - Mackinders Camp (Naromoru Route)

We wake up by 1:00 a.m to continue our journey to Point Lenana (4,985m ASL). If you have been to Point Lenana before, the journey is all too familiar. We target to get to Point Lenana by sunrise. Of course, nothing prepares you for the magical sunrise on Mt. Kenya. Remember to savor the moment.

Once we've conquered ourselves on Mt. Kenya's third-highest peak, the Mt. Kenya Peak Circuit begins. We shall proceed down toward Austrian Hut (4,790m ASL) and then further down to the Lewis Glacier. If we are lucky enough to find the opening clear, we shall attempt to go under the glacier. We shall then trek back up toward Austrian Hut, down a shockingly steep descent into the Teleki Valley toward Mackinders Camp (4,300m ASL), our home for night 3.

Hiking Distance: 6.5km

Maximum Elevation: 4895m

Maximum Elevation Gain: 700m


Day 4 - Completing the Circuit: Mackinders Camp - Shiptons

Home Sweet Home: Shiptons - Old Moses - Nairobi

We rise up early, have breakfast, and hit the steep trail from Mackinders Camp toward Two Tarn (4,490m ASL) by 6 a.m. We will have the cold wind and freezing temperatures to battle -- as we did the morning before -- so you better save your summit clothes and windproof wear. Nothing prepares you for the breathtaking closeup of the glaciers and the peaks from this side (Point Piggot, Batian, Nelion, and Point John) throughout day 4, and the epic view across Two Tarn, a beautiful-beautiful tarn that features Point John in the backdrop.

Just when you think it couldn't get better, Emerald Tarn shows off all her beautiful colors shortly after, as the shimmering rays of the morning sun warm up her frozen waters. A short trek further welcomes you to the breathtaking Hausberg Valley, with the small Nanyuki Tarn sitting shyly on the floor just below the entrance. Savor the view--you earned it!

Next, we continue on a steep, rocky ascent over one side of the oblong-shaped Hausberg Valley before taking another dip into the other side. We come to the top of the cliff and suddenly see the Oblong and Hausberg Tarn beckoning us deep in the valley. Things are about to get thick! Prepare your heart, mind, soul, and knees (especially the knees), for the next near-vertical 1km descent will shatter your spirits. Thankfully, the reward of a beautiful view across the two tarns awaits.

Finally, we take on a final near-vertical ascent up the cliff, out of the Hausberg Valley and into the Mackinder Valley toward Shiptons Camp. Prepare your body, mind, soul, and especially your knees for yet another painstaking descent. Once you get to Shiptons, give yourself a pat on the back. You did it; you conquered yourself around all the peaks of Mt. Kenya!

After lunch, we continue on the trail back to Old Moses and connect with our ride back to Nairobi late in the evening. We walk out as knighted beasts with chests out, having completed the most brutal hiking challenge ever crafted by Outdoorer: The Altomatum.

Hiking Distance: 21km

Maximum Elevation: 4700m

Maximum Elevation Gain: 400m


The Altomatum Charges

Citizens: Ksh 64,500/=

Residents: Ksh 65,000/=

Non-Residents: Ksh 124,000/=


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Ticket Includes

- Transport from Nairobi and back

- Accommodation in Naivasha for the Nyandarua Traverses - Private room, bed & breakfast

- Park fees & charges

- Armed ranger fees for the Nyandarua Traverses

- Guide services

- Paramedic services

- A liter of water, glucose, and fruits for the Nyandarua Traverses

- Full-board accommodation in mountain huts at Mt. Kenya

- Services of a professional team of cooks and porters at Mt. Kenya


Ticket DOES NOT include

- Hiking gear, clothes, and other personal effects

- Sleeping bag and porter's backpack

- Travel insurance and evacuation cover (we strongly recommend and can arrange for evacuation cover)

- Anything else not mentioned in the 'Ticket Includes' list


The Altomatum Payment Plan

1st Installment - Pay a non-refundable booking confirmation deposit of Ksh 11,000/= (or 17% of the ticket cost for non-residents) on or before September 4, 2022.

2nd Installment - Top up Ksh 16,000/= (or 25% of the ticket cost for non-residents) on or before October 4, 2022.

3rd Installment - Pay the balance on or before October 13, 2022.

Mpesa Buy Goods till 989985


Other costs you might incur

  • Hiking gear: thrifted hiking gear - Ksh 25,000-40,000; brand new hiking gear - From Ksh 80,000/=
  • Mandatory evacuation cover: Ksh 1,600/= for a one-month cover; Ksh 2,500/= for an annual cover


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Cancellation and Refunds Policy

– The booking confirmation deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to a future event or program.

– The booking and booking confirmation deposit are transferrable to a different person on or before September 4, 2022.

–  Where cancellation is requested on or before September 4, 2022, Ksh 11,000 or 17% of the ticket cost, whichever is higher, will be retained from the sum paid up. Any excess paid will be refunded in full.

–  Where cancellation is requested after October 4, 2022, and on or before October 13, 2022, Ksh 16,000 or 25% of the ticket cost, whichever is higher, will be retained from the sum paid up. Any excess paid will be refunded in full.

–  Where cancellation is requested after October 13, 2022, Ksh 27,000 or 42% of the ticket cost, whichever is higher, will be retained from the sum paid up. Any excess paid will be refunded in full.

– The Altomatum ticket is bundled and may not be split into specific event tickets. Therefore, no-shows may not claim any amount for any event they miss.

– The Altomatum ticket expires immediately after a milestone payment becomes overdue. The ticket is deemed canceled on the date of expiry and the cancellation policy applies.

– An expired ticket may be revived by topping up the deposits paid to the sum total of the per-event rate for all events in the bundled ticket.

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Ksh 64,500/= per Kenyan Citizen

Available Tickets: 26
The Citizen ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.
Kenyan Resident

Ksh 65,000/= per Foreign Resident. Proof of residency will be required.

Available Tickets: 9
The Kenyan Resident ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.

Ksh 124,000/= per foreigner without residency. Please check availability during the event dates. Do not travel to low altitudes after October 8.

Available Tickets: 3
The Non-Resident ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.


04 Sep 2022 - 23 Oct 2022


8:00 am - 9:00 pm


KES 64,500.00


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