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A hiker in orange jacket and black pants points upwards using a trekking pole near a rocky outcrop - hiking in kenya at rurimeria

Kenya Hiking Trails — An A to Z Guide To Help You Find The Best Trails For Hiking In Kenya

Kenya is home to spectacular hiking trails—from beautiful open moorland trails to steep rocky summits. Hikers in Kenya are spoilt for choice, with different routes available for all competency levels. This guide is for new hikers looking to try or discover new trails—and even veteran hikers revisiting their favorite spots. It highlights multiple hiking trails only a few hours away from the city.

Hiker showing off mount kenya gear and Mt Kenya hiking clothes

Mount Kenya Gear Checklist: The Essentials

“What to carry on a Mt. Kenya expedition?” A question asked by hikers, both new and veterans. This Mount Kenya Gear checklist serves as a guide and an answer to the question. It details all the Mt Kenya hiking clothes and accessories you need to conquer yourself and unlock your mountain.