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Beginner to Mt Kenya in 90 Days: #Resolutions2021

Everyone deserves a chance to push themselves beyond their normal limits. As part of our #Resolutions2021 campaign, we invite you to take up the challenge in our Beginner to Mt Kenya in 90 Days program, nudge your adventure bug to bite, and walk with us up Mt. Kenya on the weekend of Easter 2021 and again on the weekend ending August 1, 2021.

In the program, we make the trek step by step towards your goals as we challenge ourselves to set new personal milestones and encourage you to do the same. The Beginner to Mt Kenya in 90 Days program is a 13-week, 7-event outdoor fitness course, specially designed to meet the needs of a beginner, and get them to Mt Kenya Point Lenana in 90 days. The course features six prep hikes with increasing difficulty, targeted toward building resilience. 

Right from the start, we will show you how to walk the outdoors, and everything that is required for your survival and safety — from the basics of keeping yourself safe on the trails to a guide on how to select proper gear. We’ll be there with you every step of the way. This ensures that you take consistent steps towards harnessing the power of walking outside for your fitness goals, and on the 90th day, you’ll stand on top of Mt. Kenya itself!

Features of the Beginner to Mt Kenya in 90 Days Program

6 prep hikes (1 every two weeks)
4 days 3 nights package at Mt. Kenya Chogoria Route

Beginner to Mt. Kenya in 90 Days 2021 Calendar and Schedule

May 16:- Orientation Day – Karura Forest

Goal: Meet the team, orientation to hiking gear and rules

We kick off the program with a four-hour orientation session at Karura Forest, where you get to meet the team and get introduced to the various hiking gear you will need along the way. You shall also be taken through the dos and don’ts of hiking–rules and guidelines to keep you safe, alive, and well on the trails. Thereafter, we shall hit the 5 km trail before heading home to prepare for our maiden hike.


May 29:- Ol Donyo Sabuk – Mt. Kilimambogo

Our maiden expedition to Mt. Kilimambogo is a fair-to-moderate hiking experience meant to spark your interest in outdoor fitness life. The mountain is located along the Thika-Garissa highway, within the Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park. The trail begins at the base of the mountain, covering 9km to the summit at an elevation of 2,145m above sea level.

Goal: Introduction to hiking

Total distance: 18km

Hiking time: 4-6 hours

Difficulty: Fair to moderate


June 12:- William Hill

William Hill is part of the Rift Valley escarpment on what’s commonly known as the Kikuyu Escarpment. The hiking trail starts at the old Italian Church along the Mai Mahiu highway. This is a moderate hike. The terrain is fairly flat, with a few steep rocky stretches. You get to enjoy amazing views of some features of the rift valley, such as Mt. Longonot, Kijabe Hill and Forest, and Mt. Margaret, as you ascend the one-way trail, to get to the peak near the highway at an elevation of 2,281m above sea level.

Goal: Introduction hiking

Total distance: 14km

Hiking time: 5-6 hours

Difficulty: Moderate


June 26:- Mt. Longonot

Mt. Longonot is a volcano on the Rift Valley floor, located approximately 75km from Nairobi. The Mt. Longonot hike is a moderate-to-hard hike. The trail starts at the base of the mountain, rising steeply on a 3.1km stretch to the crater rim, and then covering 7.2km around the crater. The Mt. Longonot summit stands at 2,776m above sea level, giving spectacular views across the Rift Valley.

Goal: Orientation to steep terrain

Total distance: 13.5km

Hiking time: 4-6 hours

Difficulty: Moderate to hard


Introduction to Tougher Trails

July 10:- Table Mountain, Aberdares

The Aberdares trails deliver unforgettable experiences, filling you with all kinds of emotions, from awe to anxiety, and the Table Mountain trail is no exception. The 6km trail starts at the Wanjohi Shopping Center, taking you through an initial steep ascent, before easing onto a gentle trek through the moorland. The trail ends at the Table Mountain peak, at an elevation of 3,792m above sea level.

This is a hard hike, which will introduce you to the unpredictable, harsh weather conditions at higher altitudes and deliver a new experience hiking through the various montane vegetation zones, in preparation for the Mt. Kenya climb.

Goal: Altitude acclimatization

Total distance: 12km

Hiking time: 6-8 hours

Difficulty: Hard


July 24:- Mt. Kenya Kionjo – Trek to Mackinders

Slightly under a month to achieving our end goal on the Beginner to Mt Kenya in 90 Days program, we will go on a unique mission to set our eyes on the prize. Our route choice will be the Naromoru route, as the trail is short, making it possible to trek all the way to the Mackinders camp (4,200m ASL) on a day trip, where we will enjoy glorious views of the peaks.

Our 9km trail will start at the Met Camp (3,048m ASL), cutting through the marshy vertical bog in the lower moorland zone, past the upper moorland zone, dotted with lobelias and other beautiful montane vegetation, to get to the magnificent Teleki Valley. The ascent ends at the Mackinders Camp, where we will enjoy scenic views of the peaks — if the weather will be favorable — and then descend back to Met Camp for our transfers back to Nairobi.

Goal: Altitude acclimatization

Total distance: 18km

Hiking time: 7-9 hours

Difficulty: Tough


Mt. Kenya-Ready: Altitude Acclimatization

August 7:- Mt. Satima Dragon’s Teeth Trail

Rising to an altitude of 4,001m (13,126ft) above sea level, Ol Donyo Lesatima is the highest of the Aberdares peaks and the third highest peak in Kenya. It is located on the Nothern side of the Aberdare range and can be accessed via two points: Mweiga and Shamata Gates.

On our final prep hike, we will set out on the Dragon’s Teeth trail via the Shamata Gate, hoping to conquer ourselves on Satima Peak.

The gentle 8km trail will take us through a hiker’s paradise, trekking through fields of lush alpine vegetation, spotting a few wild animals, and walking past countless rows of magnificent craggy moraines, dubbed “Dragon’s Teeth”. The Dragon’s Teeth trail delivers some of the most breathtaking views of all hiking trails in Kenya.

Goal: Altitude acclimatization

Total distance: 16km

Hiking time: 7-9 hours

Difficulty: Hard


Beginner to Mt Kenya in 90 Days Climax

August 12-15:- Conquering Point Lenana (4 days 3 Nights)

DAY 1: Nairobi – Chogoria Gate – Lake Ellis (3,400m asl)

On the first day of our Mt Kenya Chogoria route expedition, we will head straight into the mountain and soak in the beautiful views at features like the Nithi Fall and Caves, Mugi Hill, and the Giant Billiards Table, and spend the night by the beautiful-beautiful Lake Ellis.

5:30 a.m:- Departure for Chogoria Town
8:30 a.m:- Arrival at Chogoria Town. Here, we will connect with the crew, have a light breakfast, and board a transfer vehicle to Chogoria Forest Gate (approximately 22km through the forest).

10:00 a.m Trek to Lake Ellis (3,400m ASL)
Distance:- 7.5 – 9km
Maximum elevation gain:- 600m


Day 2:- Journey to Camp Mintos (4,200m asl)

On the second day, we set out through the beautiful golden heather and moorland on a relatively steep trail, leading us to Camp Mintos, our home on the eve of getting to Point Lenana. Expect breathtaking views of valleys along the way.

Distance:- 9km
Max elevation gain:- 800m


Day 3:- Conquering yourself (4,985m asl)

We will wake up at 2:00 a.m, have breakfast, and hit the trail by 2:30 a.m. This helps us get to Point Lenana in time for sunrise between 6 and 7 a.m, granting us breathtaking views across the country as far as the eye can see.

With our mission accomplished, we will head on to the enchanting Lake Michaelson for a calm afternoon and evening, reflecting on our journey throughout the Beginner to Mt Kenya in 90 Days program. We will get our medals and certificates and celebrate by the campfire all night because we will all be conquerors.

Distance:- 11.5km
Max elevation gain:- 785m


Day 4: Exit and Departure for Nairobi

After breakfast, we will half-heartedly bid Lake Michaelson and the mountain farewell, as we trek beside the breathtaking Gorges Valley toward the Chogoria Gate, and back to Nairobi. We hope that our hearts will be fuller, our bodies healthier and our souls richer, as we come to the end of our Beginner to Mt Kenya in 90 days program.

Distance: 13.5km


Booking Notes:

  • Full program capacity: 50 participants 
  • Reservation will be made on a first-pay-first-reserved basis.


Beginner to Mt Kenya in 90 Days Packages

  1. Solo Package:- Standard class rates apply. Check tickets for the current rate.
  2. Couples Package (2 people):- 5% off the standard rate. Discount subject to program completion by both participants, otherwise, the ticket reverts to solo package.
  3. Family Package (a group of 4 or more):- 7% off the standard rate. Discount subject to program completion by all participants, otherwise, the ticket reverts to the couples or solo package accordingly.

Early bird offer:- 5% off the solo package if a 50% deposit is paid at least 30 days before the program commences.


Beginner to Mt. Kenya in 90 Days Package-Includes

– Transport from Nairobi and back
– Guide services
– Armed ranger services where applicable
– Park fees
– Liter of water and fruits for the day hikes
– Full-board accommodation in a tent at Mt. Kenya
– Services of a professional team of porters and cooks at Mt. Kenya


How to book the Beginner to Mt Kenya in 90 Days Package

Booking Confirmation: Register and pay a non-refundable deposit of Ksh 5,000/=
Milestone payments:
  • Top up to 25% of the total cost by day 40 of the program
  • Top up to 50% of the total cost by day 60 of the program
  • Clear the package balance by day 75 of the program

Mpesa Buy Goods till 989985


Cancellations & Refunds

  • Ksh 5,000 booking confirmation deposit is non-refundable.
  • Participation in the prep hikes is mandatory, otherwise, no adjustments will be made to the final cost.
  • The package subscription will be placed on hold as soon as a milestone payment becomes overdue.
  • The package subscription expires as soon as a milestone payment becomes 7 days overdue.
  • If cancellation is requested on or before day 70 of the program, a refund of the excess of Ksh 13,000 from the deposits paid up will be issued.
  • Where cancellation is requested on or before day 80 of the program, a refund of the excess of Ksh 20,000 from the deposits paid up will be issued.
  • Should cancellation be requested on or after day 85 of the program, no refund will be issued.
  • No-shows forfeit the entire deposits paid up.
  • Payments are non-transferable to a future event or program.
  • Payments are only transferable to a different person in the program before the date of the first event.


15 May 2021 - 15 Aug 2021


KES 46,000.00


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