Outdoorer Hiking Blueprint: #Resolutions2022

KSh9,600 / month for 10 months

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Outdoorer Hiking Blueprint – Summary


Outdoorer Hiking Blueprint — Move From Zero to Hero In 10 Months

The Outdoorer Hiking Blueprint is a tried, tested, and approved journey through which a total beginner learns to hike and progresses on to become a beast hiker in just 10 months. It combines the three Outdoorer Hiking programs — Rookie Program, High90 Program, and The Altomatum — into a structured journey with a tangible growth trajectory and convenient payment plan.

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I did it to honor my father

When I lost my brother, I got a lot of piercings. When I lost my other brother, I got a tattoo and more piercings. But when I lost my dad, I got lost. 💔 A piece of me died the day he did. I tried to find my solace in alcohol, sleeping pills, anxiety pills,… Read more “I did it to honor my father”

Caroline Gateri

I did not grow up an outdoorsy child

I barely played any sports in school, and I was the quintessential nerdy introvert, who preferred staying indoors instead of playing ‘Bano’, ‘Brikicho’, Stuck in the mud’ or heaven forbid, ‘Cha Mama na Cha Baba.’ 🙈 Fast forward to adulthood, and I started making small intentional steps toward self-awareness, healing, and self-re-discovery. It is in… Read more “I did not grow up an outdoorsy child”

Nicole Kimani

I’ve had so many naysayers in my life always telling me NO because of the weight I carry.

I am still in awe at what one can achieve when one puts their mind to it. I’ve had so many naysayers in my life always telling me NO because of the weight I carry. When I came across the #beginnertomtkenya program, I had never hiked a day in my life and had… Read more “I’ve had so many naysayers in my life always telling me NO because of the weight I carry.”

Linda Ngoni


Outdoorer Hiking Blueprint 2022 Subscription

Kenyan Citizens & Residents*** total cost: Ksh 96,000/= billed as Ksh 9,600/= per month for 10 months

Non-Residents: Not Applicable

***Resident cost may change if the relevant authorities review park fees before the end of the program.

Mpesa Buy Goods till 989985

Subscription Package Includes

- Transport from Nairobi and back for all events

- Park fees & charges at all events

- Armed ranger fees where applicable

- Guide services at all events

- Paramedic services at all events

- A liter of water, glucose, and fruits for the day hikes

- Full-board accommodation in mountain huts at Mt. Kenya

- Services of a professional team of guides, cooks, and porters at Mt. Kenya

Subscription Package DOES NOT include

- Hiking gear, clothes, and other personal effects

- Sleeping bag and porter's backpack

- Mandatory evacuation cover. If you do not have it, we can organize for your cover with AMREF for Ksh 1,600/= (one-month cover) or Ksh 2,500/= (annual cover) at no extra cost.

- Anything else not mentioned in the 'Subscription Package Includes' list

Other costs you might incur

  • Hiking gear: thrifted hiking gear - Ksh 10,000-15,000; brand new hiking gear - Ksh 35,000-60,000/=
  • Mandatory evacuation cover: Ksh 1,600/= for a one-month cover; Ksh 2,500/= for an annual cover


Cancellation and Refunds Policy

– The first installment of Ksh 9,600 is non-refundable and non-transferable to a future event or program.

– The subscription and sums paid are transferrable to a different person before January 1, 2022.

–  Where cancellation is requested on or before January 1, 2022, Ksh 9,600 will be retained from the sum paid up. Any excess paid will be refunded in full.

–  Where cancellation is requested after January 1, 2022 and before October 15, 2022, the sum paid up will be allocated to all events scheduled to occur on or before the cancellation date at the prevailing ticket rates, attendance notwithstanding. Additionally, Ksh 10,000 administration fee will be retained for the tutoring rendered during the program. Any excess will be refunded in full.

–  Where cancellation is requested on or after October 15, 2022, no refund will be issued.

– The Outdoorer Hiking Blueprint subscription offers a bundled ticket and may not be split into specific event tickets. Therefore, no-shows may not claim any amount for any event they miss.

– The Outdoorer Hiking Blueprint subscription will be put on hold as soon as an installment falls overdue.

– The Outdoorer Hiking Blueprint subscription expires immediately an installment becomes seven (7) days overdue. The subscription is deemed canceled on the date of expiry and the cancellation policy applies.

– An expired subscription may not be reactivated. However, a participant may finish the program, subject to approval, by topping up the deposits paid to reach the sum total of the per-event rate for all events in the bundled ticket.

– Participation in the events is mandatory, otherwise, no adjustments will be made to the final cost.

– No-shows forfeit the entire deposits paid up.



I did it for my epilepsy

I had retrieved into a cocoon for far too long, constantly worried about my next seizure, if it would happen in public or if it would kill me. Joining the #beginnertomtkenya program meant that I was putting myself out there — into the public and into the woods, where help might have taken… Read more “I did it for my epilepsy”

Majid Nderitu

I now, more than ever before, believe that we are limitless

I grew up on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, where I was lucky to see the majestic mountain every day of my early life. In 2004, my dad retired from the military and we moved back to the village. My daily view changed. I relocated to Nairobi in 2005 in search of employment. As I… Read more “I now, more than ever before, believe that we are limitless”

Doreen Kinja

Through adventure, I have found myself

I grew up as a reserved little girl who would not leave her comfort zone. I was shy but cheeky. I wanted life as stipulated by society—go to school, find a job, settle down, and have kids—in that order. However, life happened. I fell into depression; lost a lot of weight. The gym became my… Read more “Through adventure, I have found myself”

Phanice Olasia




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