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Oldoinyo Eburru Forest Hike – Western Summit Trek

Stashed away in the outskirts of Naivasha, the sudden transition from the scorching Naivasha sun to the serene ambiance of the forest takes you aback at first. The magic follows you throughout the trek–up and down, up and down through the thick forest vegetation. It’s in the hundreds-year-old trees, the singing of the birds, the Ogiek beehives, the smell of blossoming flowers, and yes, the stinging nettles–especially the stinging nettles!

Aberdares Table Mountain Hike

The Aberdares trails deliver unforgettable experiences, filling you with all kinds of emotions, from awe to anxiety, and the Table Mountain trail is no exception. This February, we trek through yet another scenic trail on the Aberdares, with the promise of breathtaking views, as we indulge in our Aberdares Table Mountain hike. This will be an important hike for those undertaking the Beginner to Mt. Kenya Program, as it introduces them to the tougher Aberdare trails and harsh weather.

Elephant Hill Conquest

Here’s your chance to go on a journey through The Ultimate Hiking Destination. Distance: 19km. Maximum Elevation Gain: 1,189m. Duration: 7-10 hours. Difficulty: Hard.

William Hill Hike — Lockdown Edition

This is a moderate, beginner-friendly, child-friendly hike. The terrain is fairly flat, with a few steep rocky stretches. You get to enjoy amazing views of some features of the rift valley, such as Mt. Longonot, Kijabe Hills and Forest, and Mt. Margaret, as you ascend the one-way trail.

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Mt Kilimambogo Hike – Lockdown Edition

Your physical, mental and emotional well-being cannot wait out the lockdown. We kick off our 2021 lockdown calendar with gentle trails, and Mt Kilimambogo hike is our first trail of choice. The perfect trail for beginners looking for a challenge to kickstart their outdoor fitness journey, Mt. Kilimambogo is located within the Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park along the Thika-Garissa highway… Hiking distance: 12km..

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Beginner to Mt Kenya in 90 Days: #Resolutions2021

In the program, we make the trek step by step towards your goals as we challenge ourselves to set new personal milestones and encourage you to do the same. The Beginner to Mt Kenya in 90 Days program is a 13-week, 7-event outdoor fitness course, specially designed to meet the needs of a beginner, and get them to Mt Kenya Point Lenana in 90 days. The course features six prep hikes with increasing difficulty, targeted toward building resilience.