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Beginner to Mt. Kenya

I did it to honor my father

I set to the summit on August 14. The 4km walk from 0230hrs was one of the most peaceful moments since I lost him. He became part of that journey, and we had some interesting conversations along the way, made a few jokes—I even found myself smiling in between catching my breath and using my hands to walk. At that moment, I realized he will always be with me and always be in my life. ❤ I will always have my journey up Mt. Kenya to remember him by.

I did it for my epilepsy

By walking this journey, I hoped to conquer my fears — to be more carefree and enjoy the outdoors. I knew the high altitude and inadequate sleep, coupled with the long walks during the day, might trigger seizures. Yet, I did it anyway.

I got to summit Mt.Kenya, and the experience was surreal!

Last year I lost a dear friend who had become family; it hit me hard, as I had never experienced death so close. It made me realize how fragile life is: that someone could be here and well today then gone tomorrow. The loss made me want to live my life fully and do the things I have always wanted to do — as long as I have the will and means.